Train derailment stopped- Major accident averted

With the ‘train’ of derailment incidents lining up one after another, it can only be attributed to good fortune that a major disaster of the derailment was averted in Bihar. Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express is one of the main trains currently functional in the state and it had a narrow escape from a serious accident that could have taken place due to the faulty and damaged tracks. Some of the alert locals spotted the gap in the track and alerted the railway officials who quickly sprung into action, stopping the train at the Mansi station for about 32 minutes for the workers to reach the ‘location’ and rectify the problem. As per the reports and statements from railway officials, the incident could have been devastating had the train gone over the tracks without the gap being noticed and rectified. However, they persisted that the gap did not seem like a sabotage bid and could have easily been caused by the contraction of the lines in the chilling cold. However, officials from the police and intelligence agencies are not leaving behind any possibility after uncovering ISI links in past derailment accidents. According to them, suspects will be questioned to know more about the trains and stations being targeted.

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