Dravid: Respect was what I eyed while growing up

When we call cricket the game of gentlemen, there is one man that India and other nations just can’t forget- Rahul Dravid. The man who made was the father of coolness in captaincy, recently turned down an honorary doctorate conferred upon him by saying that he did not deserve the academic honor. Better known as the Wall, Rahul also said that while playing and growing up, all he ever held important was respect from fellow players and peers. Even though he did not sound proud when he said that, Rahul Dravid did not shy away from admitting some of his immature doings during his tenure as a player in the Indian Cricket Team. Even though Dravid welcomed and felt deeply honored by the doctorate offered upon him, the ‘nicest man in cricket’ declined the offer humbly by saying that he would like to ‘earn’ it instead of simply taking it. According to him, his mother got a doctorate at the age of 55 and his wife had to study for almost 7 years for a post graduation degree in surgery. Thus, he too would like to study from the University (Bangalore) and then earn his doctorate.

Aussies take a lesson from McGrath for Indian tour

With India notching regular victories and maintaining the streak, it seems like the Australian players a bit worried about facing the Indian batsmen and fielders especially when they are under the full form. In all, he has advised all bowlers to hit a good length and get early wickets to restrict the Indian batsmen from scoring mammoth scores. He has also mentioned to the bowlers that by using reverse swing differently in different Indian pitches would surely be a big advantage to the bowlers and hamper the scoring ability of the Indian team. With no seam and bounce, McGrath has been one of the most successful pace bowlers in the Indian subcontinent. In his advice, McGrath has told the bowlers that they should gear up to bowl long spells as it would be tough getting wickets in the Indian pitches, especially when they would be facing some of the most acclaimed batsmen in the world. According to him, the earlier shocks their bowlers can deliver to the Indian team, the better they would be able to improve the chance of taking the match away from the Indian side. India is set to play Australia before the Indian Premier League.

Indian team for Australian series announced

After the brilliant and the commendable victory against Bangladesh in one-match Test series by 208 runs, India is all set to dominate test cricket once again by challenging the Aussies for a battle this time. The 16 man squad as announced by the BCCI does not witness any change from the team that was picked to go against Bangladesh last week. An unchanged squad means that fans would have to wait for another few months before finally catching a glimpse of the unfit players Mohammad Shami and Rohit Sharma. The series, which is to begin next week on Thursday will thus see the strong Indian squad in a fresh new zeal to clinch the series against the Aussies. The Indian morale is at an all-time high with the cherry on the top coming from the mammoth 208 run victory against Bangladesh. The most appreciable fact about the match was that the fast bowlers performed par expectation- both Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma bagging wickets as if on fire against the Bangladeshi team. Unless there is an injury or any other uncalled issue in India, the same team would be governed against Virat Kohli. After the almost clinical demolish delivered to Bangladesh, the fans can expect high temperatures against the Aussies next week.

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