Kushal Tandon rescues Jennifer from blazing fires at the set

The scene of a girl stuck in a burning wedding venue and then being rescued by the groom or leading male character is quite a cliche. However, it wouldn't be wrong to say that things can go pretty unplanned and unpredicted even in best of schedules. The same happened on the sets of Beyhadh, the TV series starring Kushal and Jennifer. The scene of a fire at the wedding mandap was to be shot with Kushal running towards his leading lady, rescuing her from the blazing fires. Things started getting out of control when the embers began flying and landing on the crew members. Even though no one sustained serious injuries, the crew got a taste of real mandap fire and the enactment became way too real for the actors. At first, Kushal tried to get to a secure spot after realizing about the fire, but he was soon back to combat the flames to rescue the leading Jennifer who was still standing shocked in the raging fires. In this process, several embers burnt Kushal on his arms as well as necks, but the actor soon received first aid for the same. The scene was not shot again and thus scenes from the real incident will be used in the video. The Beyhadh pair also posted news as well as images about the same incident in social media platforms.

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