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Judy Garland was molested on ‘Wizard of Oz’ set

Sid Luft, Judy Garland’s ex-husband has presented a posthumous memoir and shocked the world with a revelation that the actress was molested (sexually harassed) by the Munchkin actors. The revelation comes as a part of several more astounding incidents about the former couple’s life together, in the book ‘Judy and I - My Life with Judy Garland’. Judy was merely 16 years old when the movie was being made. In this revelation, Luft describes the actors playing Munchkins as hell-raisers who were sex starved and inhumane to the core. The actors playing Munchkin were known to have caused a ruckus in the hotel that was booked for the crew of the movie. According to Luft, those 124 actors tried to put their hands under Judy’s dress and left no stone unturned to make her feel uncomfortable by encroaching on her freedom on the sets. As per the reports, it has already been stated that even the venue managers and hotels were so troubled that they had to use fishnets to ward off at the premises. This shocking revelation sheds light on how Hollywood used to take up child molestation in previous years and how petty groups of men tried to take advantage of minor girls involved in the film industry.

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